Monday, December 15, 2008

So Little Time...

It's Monday December 15th. That means 10 days till Christmas and my first trip out west to see my parents in their new home for the first time, probably the only time too. I've never been to the west coast. So, I'll at least be able to say that I've been out there. I feel like I've been running since I returned from abroad in May. Now with the post-Black Friday Christmas rush in full force, I'm starting to find myself behind an 8-ball of sorts in terms of my holiday obligations. I just purchased my first Christmas presents for other people. That's not good.

I must say, that this has been a most eventful holiday season so far. Beginning with my birthday in mid-November (what I like to call the holiday season's Community Shield), I've seen old friends re-appear, current friends convince me into something new and even decide to relocate. That's right kids, we're moving into a house. No, we're not buying. I'm not ready for that kind of permanence. But, we're moving into half a duplex in Roxborough with 2 living floors, a finished attic, dry basement, 1.5 bathrooms, washer, dryer, deck, garage, shed and heat. We're currently halfway through moving all of our little things and plan to get all the furniture over a weekend in the very near future.

Now, with album/song of the year season in full force, guess what's coming before I leave for Chrismas? Keep an eye out.

Once again, I get going and work steps in. Take it easy.