Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Excuse Me, Is This the Way to...

Holy hell! I remember this place...of course, the last time I was here, the cobwebs weren't so thick, the clock was running, the milk in the fridge wasn't expired and I'm pretty sure the healthy aroma of a completely stale, deteriorating environment didn't permeate my lungs upon inspiration. Has it been that long? Was I that out of it to not even think of writing anymore? What the hell happened?

Short answers: Yes; No; Too much. And how did the internet get cobwebs?

Nearly eighteen months ago, when I last posted, I'd been in the throws of inching my way towards the DMI program at Community College of Philadelphia. Now, I'm just over a full year into the program, president of the class of 2013 and I'm starting to really feel confident doing it. Of course, I'm no stranger to things like that shifting on dimes as life gets in the way, but it's been a rocky, challenging and ultimately fun ride. I'm still interested, excited and generally up for whatever aiming at becoming a Radiology Technologist brings on. Plus, I find myself thinking a lot more in this environment and because of that, I can unequivocally state that I'm happy. Now, with the wife working on her masters as well, static arises with aplomb between us. Without getting detailed, we've had some run-ins to say the least, but I think it'll all be worth it once school for both of us is over. Despite the fact that I'll most-likely have to hop right back into school post-certification, things should definitely come closer to looking up.

Shifting to personal interests, not much has really changed. I'm still the music and film aficionado I always was, but the waters in both of those have calmed significantly due to school, work and free time simply disappearing. Though, a friend of mine recently hooked me into Hulu +, where they have ALL, count 'em, ALL of the Criterion Collection titles currently in print. Frankly, the movie lover in me finds that simply sexy. Yes, I said it. Still the video game lover as well, though I've made the switch from Xbox 360 to PlayStation 3. Of course I still play FIFA, but as my interest expanded, I found the titles on PS3 to be more interesting than the Xbox exclusive titles. InFamous, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, and ModNation Racers were the retail titles that I found simply alluring - the former pair for the stories and the latter for the replay factor. But I'd also heard about the PlayStation Network (PS3's Xbox Live counterpart) being the venues for games like Flower, PixelJunk Eden (in fact, the entire PixelJunk series) and a slew of other downloadable titles that could be fun, challenging and even thought-provoking in equal measure. I'm also still a football fan. While I did shift away from supporting Liverpool due to some personal issues I have, which I won't go into, I decided to not choose another English team to support. Of course, I still have my soft spots for Tottenham and Manchester City (FUCK UNITED). The team I've shifted my support to is Valencia in Spain. I came to them about the same time I decided to watch football regularly (not support due to vicarious FIFA playing). I loved watching David Villa in the 2006 world cup and, upon researching the club, their wasn't much I didn't like. I've still maintained trying to follow a team in different countries whose leagues I like (i.e. Bayer Leverkusen in Germany, PSG in France and Palermo in Italy). The most interesting development though is the arrival of the Philadelphia Union in MLS. I'm close to this team because I was in the group responsible for getting investor's attention and starting them. Of course, I'm still a fan, but won't really associate myself with that group due to them seeming to prefer narcissism rather than projecting support to their team. Not gonna name them either. :)

But enough about me. Milo's still with us and doing well. He's going to be 4 in a couple months. He's become an absolutely essential member of our family. I don't think we'd want life without him. Yeah, I'm going to end it here. Don't feel like going on. :)

Hopefully (and I say this all the time) it'll be a bit more regular.